The edge of awesomeness – London Edge September 2018 – Day 1



I have always gone to London Edge on my own. I wanted to meet alternative fashion obsessed, like minded souls. However this year Heavy Metal Hubby and I hit our 10 year anniversary of getting hitched a couple of days after London Edge. So between my rubbish shift hours and the Heavy Metal Minions return to school, the only way we could go away together was if he joined me for London Edge (at no point was there even a thought of me not attending I might add!!). So we gleefully left the Minions with their Grandparents and hot footed it up to Angel with a suitcase full of outfits and a hotel booking!!


At the Business Design Centre we were warmly greeted by the lovely people from Dr Faust as soon as we walked in – their new collection is amazing and I saw some of their old favourites that I’ve had my eye on for a while. One of the reasons I love London Edge is being able to see the designers collections ‘in the flesh’. After all everything looks amazing in promotional pictures but you can’t tell the weight of fabric, the quality of the stitching or see how the fabric moves on a computer screen with the item being modelled by, well, a model. We made our way around the plethora of different stands until we found one of my favourites, Demonia shoes. Every time I come there are some new and unexpected delights, this year it was the fuzzy monster boots and shoes – they are soooooo cute! I also saw a couple of different pairs I’ve had my eye on for a while now, again it was great to see the finish of the ‘leather’ and feel their weight as you never know how heavy big ass boots will be!




We continued our look around and saw stands such as Grindstone who had some awesome mugs and patches, Punky Pins who have an amazing Halloween range of pins as well as some awesome Feminist pins and a great range of Hello Kitty pins (I looooove Hello Kitty, so much I even have a HK tattoo!). They even gave me a tote bag and pin, which was so sweet of them. We also saw GothX who have some beautiful bags.



Jawbreaker Clothing had some beautiful new items for the new season. I already have their cage belt (and was wearing it as part of my day 1 outfit!) but I really loved the new clear transparent raincoat. I has an amazing Ouija board pattern printed on it, I am definitely buying it for the school pick up, especially as you can still see your awesome outfit underneath – no sad Mum coat for me!



We then took a break and watched one of the catwalk shows. There were so many beautiful outfits and it was great to see how the clothes moved on real people – although it would have been nice to see a plus sized model or even just a size 14 model. At least one of the five models had a bust this year – she had to wear a bra (shock, horror!!!), and one model was a woman of colour – which was a nice change from the white, blonde, tooth picks of previous events, but still not as inclusive as it could be.




I was particularly impressed with Sinister’s show, the dresses are spectacular and look so elegant and regal – not something I would wear myself but definitely appeals to my aesthetic.





We decided to go for a tea (I run on tea, so so much tea), but on our way to the cafe passed the YRU and Strange Cvlt stand, and oh did they have some amazing shoes! So many Creepers and boots, an amazing heat / light changing fabric that goes from plain black to white with black skulls and my favourite boots of the event, the amazing Victorian style eyelet boots with bat cut out platform! I nearly died when I saw them, they are well, perfect and I can’t wait to get my mitts on a pair when they launch!




After a well deserved tea break we went and saw the Sourpuss and Kreepsville 666 stands and then we found my personal Holy Grail – The Necessary Evil stand. I had no idea Necessary Evil were attending, I have bumped into Kate at previous events but she had been there as a buyer, I nearly fell over when I realised they were there with the newest collection. I am OBSESSED with Necessary Evil. I have bought almost every item that they have released in the last 2 years, some of them I’ve returned as they didn’t suit me and a few items I didn’t purchase as I am just a bit too old (and a bit too saggy) for a completeley see-through body-con dress, but everything else is a staple in my wardrobe and I love them all. They seem to have tapped into my brain and designed pieces which are perfectly, well, me. I finally got to meet Ruth and Kelly which was amazing (I email them quite a bit, some people send rockstars fan mail, I send fan mail to clothes brands!!), and Kate showed me all the amazing newness. I thought I was going to burst there was so much amazing stuff coming soon, I can’t wait until it drops, my credit card is gonna take one hell of a hit!







After probably at least an hour of chatting to the lovely Necessary Evil team  we decided to go and enjoy some of the sweets and shots being handed out – they really do spoil us!



We were just wondering whether to head back to our hotel and prep for the after party (read my next blog post for the low down on the after party and Day 2 of London Edge!) when we bumped into @thunderella666 . We met up at February’s London Edge and hit it off immediately – we both love fashion and heavy music, it was great to see her again, and watch this space for some of our future shenanigans!





So that was pretty much it for Day 1, but there’s sooooo much more to tell you about the after party and Day 2, so watch this space for the next blog post!




Outfit details:


Cape: Necessary Evil clothing from Kates Clothing

Dress: Killstar

Belt: Jawbreaker Clothing

Shoes: Demonia















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