2018 The Year Of Content!

I know for some 2017 couldn’t end fast enough and I have encountered many people saying “Good Riddance” to last year, but for me 2017 was a pretty awesome year. I went to my first LondonEdge (more on that in a future post!) and due to that have made new friends and actually have a potential social calendar for 2018 (the Heavy Metal Minions have an extensive social calendar that puts my social life to shame – 5 birthday parties in one weekend is their record so far). I began my Instagram journey – late to the game, but better late than never – and my love for clothes, accessories, shoes and make-up has seen an awakening. Which means after a fabulous 2017 I am super excited to see what 2018 holds!


My youngest Heavy Metal Minion – Heavy Metal Son – starts school in September which is weird – it feels like yesterday he was born and yet also almost a lifetime ago. I miss him being tiny and yet at the same time NEVER EVER want to be back there again – I like sleep and not wearing maternity clothes (the drabbest most homogenous clothes in the universe). With this new chapter in our lives looming I have realised I need to have plans for my time once he starts school or I will get seriously bored during the day as I work shift – which means I may be that lucky lady that gets to work Friday and Saturday nightshift – but I have the rest of the week to sit at home with no Minions asking me to play, produce them food or watch their various plays / dances / musical shows. It’s going to be a bit sad but that is why I need to prepare myself now and fill the calendar and my days with tasks, such as blog posts and craft projects.


So shamelessly plagiarising Caitlin Doughty from the awesome YouTube channel ‘Ask A Mortician’ (I am obsessed, totally and unashamedly – Mr Heavy Metal is mildly freaked out and a little concerned about my new-found obsession with Death and the Death Positive movement – but he knew I was weird when he married me!) I have decided 2018 is going to be The Year Of Content! I have a few posts in mind – reviews of some of the things I have purchased in 2017 and 2018 through the eyes of a mid-30’s Goth Mum, my impressions of different online shops and services, and of course reflections on the events in my social calendar!

dsc_1620-83331202.jpgHeavy Metal Momma

2018 is looking pretty exciting, so here’s to new friends, new adventures, new ink and some more bitchin shoes!!


Happy New Year to you all


Heavy Metal Momma xxxxx



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