Conception of a Heavy Metal Momma

So I have come to a stage in my life where my kids are no longer babies and so I’m not a sleep deprived milk machine. ‘Heavy Metal Daughter’ is at school and ‘Heavy Metal Son’ is at preschool which means I actually have some time for myself again. Not ‘gigging every night pre-kids’ time, but I get to use the loo alone during the day from time to time. I’ve finally lost most of the baby weight and so I’m fitting into most of my pre-kids proper metalhead clothes. I’m wearing make-up now as I actually have the time to apply it, and don’t have to worry about it being eaten or smeared up the walls by the ‘Heavy Metal Minions’. I’m starting to feel like a proper Metalhead again.

After having the ‘Heavy Metal Minions’ I began to feel like I was fading into the background a little. I used to be the front woman of a fairly successful metal band – we weren’t about to hit ‘The Big Time’ but we played some pretty awesome gigs supporting some fairly well known professional bands – and all of that stopped as soon as ‘Heavy Metal Daughter’ was born. As my husband was the bassist I couldn’t just pop out for band practice (babysitters would be required), and the 4 stone weight gain meant I didn’t want to put myself in the spotlight – I didn’t feel like the sexy self assured metal bitch I was before. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t become some shrinking violet, I just lost a little of my metal bitch ballseyness. I hadn’t really noticed to be honest, other than the fact my work friend loved to tease me with “Not a Goth”, to which I used to reply ” I’m Rockabilly now”, but I guess I just didn’t want to be that extreme, that obvious anymore. And then one day a ‘mum friend’ told me she and her family were heading to the MCM ComiCon at Olympia a couple of days later. The ‘Heavy Metal Minions’ both adore Spiderman so ‘Mr Heavy Metal’ and I decided it would be a fantastic day out. Then we started talking about who we could cosplay as, Mr Heavy Metal decided on the Laughing Man from Ghost in the Shell. I was trying to decide when NCIS came on. I love Abby Scuitto so much, she is my favourite character and then it hit me. I did a few Google image searches, ran upstairs, and about half an hour later Abby emerged! As it turned out I owned almost every item of an Abby costume (including the lab coat). So that weekend for the first time in years I went out ‘full goth’, and I suddenly felt like me again. I hadn’t even realised I had lost ‘me’, until I got it back.

So after that I really went for it, but by then most of the ‘alternative’ shops I used to buy from had disappeared, so I had to rely on the internet. And as everyone knows, internet shopping is difficult – things fit me differently to the stick thin model, and buying shoes is an expensive gamble as return postage is very expensive. I started searching for blogs and YouTube videos with reviews of items I was thinking of purchasing. I found quite a few, but sadly not many actually have a comprehensive review of the items with useful information such as fit, material quality or how the item washes. Which made me decide to write this blog. I wanted to write a ‘real woman’s’ review of items, and then I thought I might as well write about some of the other things I enjoy, cooking, baking, science and of course Heavy Metal! So watch this space, reviews, recipes and much more coming your way soon.

Heavy Metal Momma xxx


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  1. Namhaid says:

    Hi, just want to say it’s a brave and great post to read, and i think a lot of Metalhead mammas will recognise themselves in your words, so well done, and thank you for sharing. Rock on!


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